The Human Landscape.

Welcome. You are here. This was no accident.

If you can read this and know you are reading this, you are considered alive.

As a living being there is an activity, a mental exercise, that often gets left undone that should be a daily activity for all of us.

Slowly, take a moment, and sincerely do this.

You are not alone, you are not your problems, you are not your solutions, you are not your hunger, and you are not your wealth.

Love others as you do yourself. All others. Everyone. Do this one thing and you will see it come back to you.

The change, the effect of this affect won't be immediate, yet it has already started as you felt you should finish reading this.

Please, like the love in you, share this, share the best, share life with those around you. The only lasting part of yourself is that which you give to others to be given again and again.

Please feel free to contact my owner.

While I ernestly take meditation seriously, it is a way to relax, and getting up tight about relaxing is not "the way".

If you are still looking, here are some alternative sources for meditation:
F*ck That: A Guided Meditation by Jason Headley