The Human Landscape.

Welcome. You are here. This was no accident.

Human. Today is the most important day of your life. There is a purpose ahead of you, to help all humans around you. There is no greater thing.

We were given several creeds, in various walks of faith, and they all generally read, love, treat others as you would be treated, and teach these things to all you meet.

In this life, you will see opportunity, you will see failure, you will see success. To think that a failure means you had success taken from you means that you think you were owed that success. There is no such thing. Chance, chaos, manifest destiny, or, luck has been there at every turn. Through lessons learned, ideally, you have been able to navigate an interaction that you meet before; this time with greater success. This is learning and applying those lessons.

A gift is something of a misnomer. It can without reason make a person feel they earned this gift through their efforts, or through their success, or via some means of personal being. No, you or someone else had something to give and it was gave. That is a gift.

We were given this gift of life and anything that would take it away is theft. We have as humans done well with our gift, but, we have also taken it for granted. We have too often seen it as something that we are owed or that owes us something. This is not the case.

We must as humans, strive to share our gift with those that are less fortunate for that has only improved the gift we were given in the first place. You will find no other way to improve this gift of life than to share it. You cannot collect more of it and be better than anyone else. You cannot cause others to work for you, even with pay, and have a greater purpose in it. It is only with giving with no expectation of return will someone else be able to do the same for the next person. Otherwise, the role model, the guide they were given is to expect someone else to fulfill their debt. They don't have debt! They have life already!

Chaos will be something that will surprise, shock, and hurt. It can also amaze, inspire, and change. You cannot control chaos. You also can't control ill intent. Those wishing ill intent likely feel indebted by life and want yours to fill theirs. While it could be thought that controls should be erected to prevent this illness, the only control is love or, in our modern society peer review. Science has it, society has it, faith has it.

Depending on the arena, this peer review is a very regimented and orchestrated process, with checks and balances, and repetition to ensure repeated similar if not exactly the same outcome. Otherwise, morals are part of the operation and as that 3rd party point of view, that relative view point, has a strong variance, it has to be with a group of peers, to ensure a relative view point is not that of one, and instead that of many, even, the majority. Lastly, when this review is one of faith, the moral guideline is one of faith. A wish, a purpose above yourself. It is one of the most inner parts of a being. In this, it is sacred between the believer and the belief. When a review happens, it is one generally with someone of similar faith or someone of dissimilar faith and in that, a reflection.

The human landscape is a reflection on the idea that we are not so big that we can't remember that we are the same. We are all humans and we all make up this thing called the human race. It is paramount that we do not let ourselves get caught up in the notion that we deserve anything and instead that we must all be here to be a relative, to be a peer, to be a guiding point in someone else's life.

This isn't about you, this about all the rest with you. We are all on the same rock and we all deserve life.

If you can read this and know you are reading this, you are considered alive.

As a living being there is an activity, a mental exercise, that often gets left undone that should be a daily activity for all of us.

Slowly, take a moment, and sincerely do this.

You are not alone, you are not your problems, you are not your solutions, you are not your hunger, and you are not your wealth.

Love others as you do yourself. All others. Everyone. Do this one thing and you will see it come back to you.

The change, the effect of this affect won't be immediate, yet it has already started as you felt you should finish reading this.

Please, like the love in you, share this, share the best, share life with those around you. The only lasting part of yourself is that which you give to others to be given again and again.

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